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The whole machine is more stable and reliable, and the rigidity of mold locking is stronger

The new generation control system, 10 'touch screen, has fast response speed, convenience and strong scalability,

Make the machine run more smoothly and with high precision.

In accordance with the requirements of special mould for building blocks, further strengthen the rigidity of mould locking mechanism.

CNC back pressure

The independent electronic numerical control proportional back pressure mode is adopted to facilitate the realization of computer precise control, so as to adapt to the control of product precision.

More stable mode locking system

The back pressure function of the unlocking mold controls the mold opening speed faster and the mold opening position is accurate.

More energy saving

Optimize the servo system, more power saving, more energy saving, stronger power, more than 50% increase.

Faster response, higher speed of fire

With the new launching platform structure, the response speed is increased by 40%. With the new generation of power system, the firing speed is higher.

Special plasticizing system

Equipped with special screw material tube components, it can improve the mixing quality and plasticizing speed, with precision, wear resistance, easy cleaning and wide applicability.

The special machine for building blocks is equipped with automatic screening function, which greatly reduces the production labor cost of customers.

1. The automatic screening device selects the good products and the bad products in the production, so that the good products and the bad products can be separated accurately, which saves the labor cost for the factory.

2. For products with high appearance requirements (such as mirrors, polished surfaces, building blocks, etc.), we specially design the interior laying of soft rubber to improve the quality qualification rate of products.

3. Accurate detection and alarm function of flap position, enhance human-computer communication, accurate quality sorting, and further improve the product quality qualification rate.

4. The whole product is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which will never rust and pollute the product, making it easy to clean and without paint falling.


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