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  • If the batch moulds to produce a product does not appear fro...


    First, mold material selection is very important, high hardness of material is preferred, of course good material cost is high; Second mold processing technology are equally important, should choose walking wire must not use fast walking wire, although the machining cost will be higher, but ensure that there is no substitute for quality. This is why some die 300000 times not deformation out front of secret. Of course, this is why the same mould can show different quotation. Al l do precision mou

  • Why a forming double color mould than secondary molding plas?


    Double color mould is difficult to make to die out after two completely the same, to achieve this result, need in the mold processing technology and the machining accuracy is higher than monochrome mold a class, and when one of the places need to modify, will be after two mold to modify at the same time. And secondary molding monochromatic don't have this problem, need only changes alone. Do two things at once and do two pieces of the same thing at the same time, everybody can think about th

  • Plastic product shrinkage is how to return a responsibility?


    In addition to the process adjustment part shrink problem can be solved within a certain range, it is important the customer after drawing out the die engineer to combine product structure, improve structure of structural shrinkage problem, from the source to eliminate shrinkage products. This is also the same product, why some mould developed surface quality is very good. Al l precision company has rich experience in this field and engineer team.

  • What is two-color injection molding and how to shape it?


    The first mock exam is the two-color injection molding, which means the injection of two different colors of plastic into the same mold. It can make the plastic parts appear two different colors, and can make the plastic parts present regular patterns or irregular moire patterns, so as to improve the practicability and aesthetics of the plastic parts.(1) Dual color injection moldingIt has two barrels, each of which has the same structure and use as the common injection molding barrel. Each barre

  • Injection molding machine how to carry out daily maintenance


    Injection molding machine daily maintenance inspection on machine mainly divided into three parts: 1. The inspection before use. 2. The use of check. 3. Use after inspection. As long as in strict accordance with the above steps inspection on injection molding machine, not only can improve the production efficiency of injection molding machine, also can prolong the service life of injection molding machine.Methods/procedures一, check is divided into the following steps to take before useFirst, ch

  • The structure and working principle of injection molding machine


    Thermal characteristics of injection molding machine is plastic and metal melt die-casting molding principle to combine a kind of special equipment. The original plunger type injection molding machine, to 40 s to develop the plasticizing screw injection molding machine. Since then, the focus of the development is mainly around the screw injection molding machine is plasticizing, has to appear after double screw, exhaust type and other advanced forms.In 1980 France produced at that time, the worl

  • The operation of the injection molding machine


    Boot before:(1) to check whether there is water, oil into the electric control box, if be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not switch on. By maintenance personnel will be electrical parts should be dry again after boot.(2) check whether the power supply voltage, the general should not be more than + / - 15%.(3) check the urgent stop switch, before and after the safety door switch is normal. Verify motor and oil pump rotation direction.(4) check the cooling pipe was clear, and the oil

  • Set injection molding process


    Injection molding process set seven factors to consider are as follows:(1) reduction of thermoplastic plastic molding shrinkage and calculation as mentioned above, in the form of the influencing factors of thermoplastic plastic molding shrinkage is as follows.1) plastic varietiesBecause there is crystallization in the process of thermoplastic plastic molding forms of volume change, internal stress is strong, frozen inside the plastic residual stress is large, sex factors such as molecular orient

  • The main process parameters of injection molding


    Injection molding process important plasticizing flow and cooling conditions include influence of temperature, pressure and the corresponding each time, can say to ensure the quality of plastic parts and stable qualified, necessary conditions is accurate and stable process parameters. When adjusting process parameters, in principle according to the order of the pressure - time - temperature machine, should not change at the same time two or more parameters, in order to prevent the flocculant pro

  • Plastic injection molding products and improve the defect in the common problems or guidance


    In the process of injection molding processing may be due to the bad raw material processing, plastic products or mould design is not reasonable, operators do not have the appropriate process operating conditions, or due to mechanical reasons, often make the plastic products (such as plastic products parts) produces note discontent, sag, flash, air bubble, defects such as crack, warping deformation, size change. Production time proves that the factors causing defects of injection molding plastic

  • Renovation


    With the concerted efforts of all members of the technology management center, we have broken through the existing, always developed standard machine series and special machine series that meet the market demand, and at the same time, we have made continuous innovation, and achieved a number of outstanding patent achievements:Achievement display1. Since its establishment, it has obtained more than 30 utility model patents and 5 invention patents, and won the top 100 innovative enterprises of 201

  • R&D


    Founded in 2005, Hong Kong Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R amp; D, design, production and marketing of injection molding machines. We believe that technology is the core wealth and vitality of an enterprise. To fully understand and master the core technology of injection molding machine, we can first get the favor of customers in the competition, and take the lead in the competition with other enterprises. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to basic research and dev


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