• The 14th China(Tianjin) International Plastics&Rubber Industry Exhibition 2018


    The first annual event of the plastics industry-China (Tianjin) International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (CPRE2018) was grandly held in Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition Center from March 15th-18th, 2018. It’s based on the theme of technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, green development, internet+,core plastic processing, covering the entire industrial chain of plastic euipment, plastic molds, plastic material, plastic products, a very good platform to display advancead

  • ​The 20th Qingdao Plastic Industry Expo


    To further promote brand awareness and expand market share, Lanson participated in this professional exhibition showing GT3-LS380BT (Eight cavities yogurt cup production) and GT3-LS120S(four cavities perfume cover injection). There had many visitors checking the machines running and discuss the business in our booth.Three high exhibition, the popularity of joint promotionWith high temperature, high heat and high popularity, Qingdao in August is as hot as the sun, but not as enthusiastic as Lians

  • The 12nd China Chengdu Plastic Rubber and Packaging Industry Exhibition 2018


    The 12ndChina Chengdu Plastic Rubber and Packaging Industry Exhibition was held in Chengdu century city new convention center on Oct. 11thto 13rd2018. It covered over 1000 booths with 30000 square meters, 500 exhibitors and more than 30000 professional visitors. Welcome all customers visit our booth 5hall 5012.Lanson showed two popular high speed injection molding machines GT3-LS380BT and GT3-LS280BT.GT3-LS380BT 8 cavities yogurt cup 7.3g with 5.5s production cycle timeGT3-LS280BT32 cavities wat

  • Annual meeting review |Setting sail into mutual glory


    On 15th, Jan. 2020, we held a new year dinner meeting with the topic of setting sail into mutual glory. All staffs had fun together. 2020 is the fifteen year of Lanson establishment. In the past 15 years, Lanson has provided stable, durable, precise and efficient quality machines with the service concept of customer satisfaction and turn-key solution. We appreciated it so much for our partners support and staffs efforts. Let’s set sail for mutual glory in the next fifteen years.The Vice-general

  • Fire Prevention Practice in 2018


    In order to further enhance each department fire safety awareness, effectively prevent and reduce fire accidents, adhere to the idea of safety first, strengthen employee safety education, improve all employees self-prevention capabilities and emergency comprehensive reactions, we held a fire emergency evacuation practicel with Shunde district fire brigade on the afternoon of 9th, August, 2018.While the fire alarm was ringing, each department security staff quickly turned off the power and organi

  • Fire safety emergency rescue training in 2017


    To implement the spirit of fire safety production management, adhere to the policy of safety first, precaution crucial and comprehensive treatment, we held a fire safety emergency rescue training on July, 28th, 2017 with total 300 employees, further examine and improve the scientific and practicality of the emergency rescue plan.Leaders paid highly attention to this training, appointed safety director Mr. Wei Guangzhan to execute the training plan strictly. All employees practiced and carried ou

  • Congratulations on the self-developed big die casting machine TD1300 for sale successfully


    LansonCasting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturinghigh-performance aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting machines. With therichcapital andlargescaleadvantageof the parent company Guangdong LansonPrecision Machinery ManufactureCo., Ltd., it’s excellent inadvanced machining technology and Equipment, continuous innovation and accumulation, with excellent R D, manufacturing, service and marketing teams in the industry, with technical innovation, leading to br

  • Mr. Lu Yi, Mayor of Foshan City, visited and investigated the industrial technology improvement in Lanson


    On the afternoon of May 19, 2015, Mayor of Foshan City,Mr. Lu Yi, Deputy Mayor Mr. Song Deping, Secretary-General Ge Chengshu, Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Kaiji, Director of the Municipal Economic and Information BureauMr. Li Jian, Shunde District Mayor Mr. Huang Xizhong, Deputy district chief Mr. Liu Yi and other delegation Twenty people visited and did research in the Lanson new factory Wusha Industrial Park Daliang Shunde City.On this sunny day at 4 o'clock p.m, Mr. Wu Zhizheng, Chairm

  • Guangdong Lanson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


    February 4th, 2015 was a festive and auspicious day. Guangdong LansonPrecision Machinery Co., Ltd.'s relocation celebration and LansonCasting New Year Customer Appreciation Meeting were held as scheduled. This is an important milestone in Lansoncompanydevelopment history.It isalsoa new platform for Lanson to set sai,lead all employees to forge ahead and achieve success.It is a bigger and stronger New starting line. On the same day, All distributors, customers, company leaders and employees s

  • 44 students of Shunde Polytechnic college visited and studied in Lanson


    Guangdong Lanson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd , in September, 2014 was moved from Fengxiang industrial zone to Wusha industrial park, shunde. With thenew factory putting into production fluently, Lanson welcome all guests.On 14th, November, 2014 at 9:00~11:00 a.m, 44 students of Shunde Polytechniccollege visited and studied in Lanson factory.Visited the raw material inspection areaStorage departmentCNC machining workshopDie casting machine workshopTechnician taught the students about the injecti

  • Shunde District Mayor and other 11 district governers visited Lanson


    Guangdong Lanson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd , in September, 2014 moved from Fengxiang industrial zone to Wusha industrial park, shunde. With the new factory putting into production smoothly, Lanson welcome all guests.

  • Indonesia International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition


    GT2-B series injection molding machine mainly features:Germany imported controll system, increase control precision, reduce machine running vibration, machine running more stable, newly single injection cylinder, high rigidity clamping unit, self-developed high effiency low resistance injection unit, injection linear guide way, strengthen proportional mold opening/closing control, more accurate mold opeing position.The fixed platen employed Lanson own patent design Arched molding board. Rational

  • The 11st China Chengdu Plastic Rubber and Packaging Industry Exhibition 2017


    Exhibition date: Oct. 12ndto 14th, 2017Exhibition address: Chengdu Century City convention CenterBooth no.: 3 Hall 2017Machine model: GT2-LS280B, GT2-LS120SGT2-BT mainly features: Germany imported control system, higher precision control, lower vibration, more stable and repliable; Newly single injection cylinder, faster response increased 20%, accelerated from 0 to the maximum speed promoted 45%; more accurate positional for mold opening with strengthen propotional mold opening/closing controlT

  • Pearl River West Coast Investment Trade Fair


    Pearl River West Coast Investment Trade Fair was held on August 28th in Tanzhou international center. Lanson Showed the professional distinguished machine with deep impressions on visitors.GT2-BT integraged with matured single injection cylinder technology, specially designed for thin wall package injection, this series machines platens, injection unit, machine base have been optimized and upgraded a lot, greatly increasing the injection speed and machine running stability.Injection cylinder, pl

  • The 19th Qingdao Plastic Industry Expo


    Qingdao Plastic Industy Expo has developed into a professional and international exhibition providing more chance to know more about the customers’ actual request. Per the last exhibition data, there attracted around 286 exhibitors from 9 countries and rigions, covering an area of 30000 square meters and professional visitors 21328.Lanson demonstrated the ultra fast speed injection molding machine and provide cost-effective solutions. Potential customers could know more about our machines ditin

  • The 10th China International Die Casting Exhibition in 2015


    The 10th China international die casting exibition covered an area of 18000 square meteres in Shanghai,with 240 exhibitors and about 8000 visitors,scale increased 50%. Lanson showed the latest TD288 die casting machine there.Foshan Lanson casting technology co., ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the high performance aluminum-magnesium alloy casting. With its parent company Guangdong Lanson precision machinery rich capital and large scale, advanced machining technology and equipment h

  • Yiwu Stationery Gift Exhibition 2017


    On 4th June, Lanson showed the advanced mature single injection molding machine at the Yiwu Sationery gift exhibition. It mainly features high efficiency, energy saving, faster response and high precision with total 14 national patents.Exhibition date: June 4th to 6th 2017Exhibition address: Yiwu International Expo centerBooth No.: A1-E07/08/09,A1-D28/29/30Lanson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise for plastic injection molding machine. Elite teams of RD, manufacture, marketin

  • The 15th Wenzhou International Optics Fair


    China(Wenzhou) International Optics Fair is one of the three major exhibitions in the domestic optical industry. Wenzhou has the advantaes of China glasses production base and National trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base, attracting many professional visitors from home and abroad to this exhibition.Exhibition date: May 5th to 7th,2017Exhibition address: Wenzhou International Exhibition centerBooth no.: 7H59-64Machine model: GT2-LS100E, GT2-LS60EEye glasses frame injection moldi

  • The 10th Shanghai Powder Metallurgy exhibition


    China(Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition is a well-known professional exhibition in China. The theme of this exhibition is technological innovation, brand promotion, value-added optimization, solutions. It’s also a great platform for technology communication, industry annual meeting, forum discussion, product promotion, procurement discussion. Lanson showed the speicalized powder metallurgy injection molding machine GT2-LS120MIM.Exhibition date: April 26th to 28th , 2017Exhibi

  • The 21st China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE)


    The Xiamen Industrial Exposition (XMIE),known as China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE), is the most influential and largest exhibition of Machinery and Electronics organized by mainland and taiwan. It covers the latest euipment and advanced technology offering a number of high-level specialized forms. Exhibition date: April 12th to 15th , 2017Exhibition address: Xiamen international centerBooth no.: C4163Machine model: GT2-LS280BT, GT2-LS90E, LS300Machine model: GT2-LS280BTPr


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